Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sleeping in a Castle

More blog posts from Liz about Füssen are in the works.  However, since she's currently busy visiting her German relatives (or maybe even on her way back to the States?), we'll move on to Bacharach for now.

Bacharach was our third and final German destination with Liz.  Recommended by Rick Steves, this cute little town has one of the best places to stay - a 12th-century castle that has been turned into a hostel:
Located high on a hill, it was quite a hike to the hostel, especially while toting our moderately heavy bags.  However, it was definitely worth it.  Not only was the castle fun to explore but they offer filling, delicious dinners for the cheap price of 7.50 Euro per person.  You can't beat that!
Clearly, they were pretty stingy with the gravy...
Here's a photo of the courtyard of the hostel with the tower (which, yes, we climbed around in, but sadly you couldn't see much since it's mostly hostel rooms):
And the view from the hostel wasn't too bad:
The Rhine River
There is also a very neat ruined chapel below the castle.  Liz was excited to note that they'd be performing a Shakespeare play there sometime in August.  It would certainly make a good stage!
We took a Rick Steves walking tour of the town and learned about the oldest building (from 1368), the Altes Haus:
And wandered along this lovely little stream-side garden:
We enjoyed ice cream cones (Liz and Paul tried the local specialty - a Riesling ice cream - while I opted for chocolate):
And finally, a parting view of the town of Bacharach:

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