Thursday, July 4, 2013

Munich, Beer, and Liz

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On Saturday, Kate and I went to Munich to meet up with our high school friend Liz. We had some time to waste before Liz arrived, so we decided to walk the mile and a half to our hotel. We were glad we did when we stopped for lunch at an outdoor fried seafood place. The system was great. There were a bunch of food and beer stalls. Each plate of food had an additional two Euro deposit for the dishware. Once we were finished eating, we returned the plate to get our deposit back. Benefits:
  • People cleaned up after themselves
  • Instead of using (and throwing away!) disposable plates, we got to use normal dishware.
  • We could mix and match our meal from multiple stalls.

After a short train delay, Liz arrived. We had a yummy dinner. (Seeing a pattern? Don't worry. We walked around a bunch in between.)

The Englischer Garten (English Garden) is an old, huge, and famous green space in Munich. We spent quite a bit of time walking there, and Liz went for a run there one morning. There's a high-flow river loved by surfers. It's apparently against the rules to surf there, but we saw them there early in the morning, all day, and well into the night.

No tourist visit is complete without seeing the glockenspiel. The human-sized figures dance twice a day.
Photo by Liz

We took a long walk all the way to Nymphenburg. This former palace is open the public. Liz went inside. Kate and I decided we'd seen enough fancy old European buildings (that charge an entrance fee).
Photo by Liz
We were tired and hungry. We headed for the train that would take us back to town and along the way found Hirschgarten. This was a highlight of the trip. We had sausage, beer, and fries in in a beautiful park. The weather was perfect. It was clean and peaceful. I had a hard time imagining serving beer outside in the USA (in 1 liter mugs!) without the result being a huge mess and very loud.

We took a stroll around the park and decided we loved it so much that we'd go back and get a second round of food (and beer)!

Each night the Streetlife festival was going on. A two mile stretch of road was closed and lined with live music, food, and various organizations. The first night it was cold and rainy, but the second was perfect. We walked most of the distance twice.

Photo by Liz
In fact, we walked so much that we significantly beat our previous record number of steps in one day (27 thousand) with a 40 thousand step day.

Also, the Munich train station has a lego vending machine. We thought that was pretty cool.

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