Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nijmegen Addendum

Paul reminded me that I forgot to mention the cafe/pub at which we ate dinner both evenings in Nijmegen.  Paul read about it on a Reddit forum for the town, and we are so glad he did.  It's called The Blue Hand (Cafe In De Blaauwe Hand).  It had great beer - Paul tried a local beer supposedly made only for this cafe: Rooie something or other.  Yum!
The two wood boards in the photo above contain Flammkuchen.  According to the English menu, "It was dubbed Flammkuchen from the days when bakers used thinly rolled bread dough to gauge the temperature of the wood-fired ovens. Innovative bakers began to top off this dough with sour cream and other ingredients, and the Flammkuchen was born."  We tried a Mexican one but liked the sour cream, leek, and bacon one the best.  Delicious!  We also had a fried food mix the first night:
The second night, we tried the soup of the day, which was a surprisingly delicious lentil soup, and some more Flammkuchen. 

If you ever find yourself in Nijmegen, you must try this place.  Definitely one of our favorites from the trip for the food, beer, and ambiance.  As a bonus, it was not overrun with tourists.  

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  1. I had flammkuchen in France! Except they spelled it different, because it was in France.