Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flowers, Figures, and Food in Füssen

[Third and final guest blog post from Liz]

And finally, my last blog post on Füssen!  No specific topic this time, just a few of my general observations.

The wildflowers in Füssen were a treat for me, and I took pictures of many, some known and some unknown.  Here's some of the better pictures, for those of you interested in plants.
A wild rose at the base of the Pollat waterfall by Neuschwanstein.

An unknown type of orchid.

Wild strawberries!  Unfortunately, they're too small and full of seeds to be really good for eating. 

Forget-me-nots, identified by Kate.

Something purple?

Füssen also had an interesting variety of sculpture, some old and some modern.  It was always a pleasant surprise to come upon one of these while wandering the town's small streets.  This first is a video of an interesting arrangement they had before the tourist information building.  The sculpture is several pillars of granite, with smaller spinning blocks of granite atop each one.  According to Rick Steves, they're purely powered by the water, and the spinning heads are supposed to represent friendly people talking with each other.

This statute was at Hohenschwangau, and looks like Robin Hood to me.

Reading girls.

This guy is a representative of an old lute making family in Füssen.  

I'm not exactly sure why, but this sad-looking girl represents the friendship between Füssen and another city in Japan.

And finally, a small mention of our favorite place to eat breakfast at in Füssen:  Gefühl Für Brot!  This translates into "The Feel for Bread," I believe, as exemplified by their fun sign.
And that's all from me!  I had a wonderful time traveling with Kate and Paul.  At this point in their trip, they're old pros at this whole Europe travel thing, and kindly tolerated my whole "This is sooo cool!" reaction to every thing.  : )  Thanks for everything, guys, I miss you already!

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