Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mining for Salt

We went on the salt mine tour in Hallstatt, which included truly authentic miners' garb:

Although brimming with hokey-ness, the tour really was quite cool.  It started out with a long walk through tiny tunnels:
We got to slide down two sets of wooden slides, which may have been the highlight:
We learned all about salt, how it formed into the pockets found in Hallstatt, as well as how it was mined.  Some pretty glowing salt blocks:
At the very end of the tour, the whole tour group rides a long mine cart through a tiny tunnel for what feels like ages until it emerges out into the sunlight.  Well, not sunlight in Hallstatt - more like out into the cloudy rainy afternoon.  Paul got a pretty good video of it (by the way, if you are getting these blog posts through email, you will have to visit the blog website to view the videos):

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