Monday, July 15, 2013

Brugge: The City of Beer, Chocolate, and Frites

Brugge was sweet.  Quite literally.  We ate a lot of sweets there, including waffles:
with whipped cream - Paul preferred this one
with chocolate - I preferred this one
and delicious chocolates:
This particular bag was from The Chocolate Line, which is known for its odd chocolate flavors.  Paul tried:
  • Apple, which was described as "Caramel with apple balsamic vinegar and a praline with 'Granny Smith' green apple
  • Paola: "Gianduja with a crown of caramelized hazelnuts"
  • Piaf: "Marzipan with pieces of orange marinated in Cointreau"
I tried to be a bit more adventurous with:
  • Earl Grey: "Milk chocolate ganache with Earl Grey tea"
  • Chili: "Bitter ganache and marzipan with slightly smoked 'Espelette' chilli pepper"
  • Miss Piggy: "Milk chocolate with almond praline and cripsy bacon with quinoa" - If you look closely, you can see this one in the picture.  It has a little pig face on it and says "bacon."

We both agreed that they were all quite delicious.  We opted not to try the cigar chocolate that contained tobacco leaves or the one that contained fried onion or the one labelled "Wasabi."  There was also one with a marijuana leaf on it in the store, but I don't see that one in the brochure.  Hmmm....

Don't worry, though, we got plenty of exercise to work off all this food.  The Airbnb place at which we stayed had two loaner bikes, so we took a ride around town:
All the park benches in Brugge seem to have dragons as supports - pretty neat!
Then we biked out into the countryside
And saw some sheep:
On our way back, the bridge was up.  Paul was amused at this unique method of raising a bridge:
Later, we took a boat tour of the canals
Paul claimed a monastery (as if he weren't already winning Carcassonne):
And we toured a brewery
that had a great view
And finally, we really liked this parking lot for bikes - clearly the best way to get around Brugge:

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