Friday, July 26, 2013

Back in the 'Burgh

We interrupt our regularly scheduled (ha!) Ireland blog posts to let you know that we are back home in Pittsburgh:
Us in front of our house the moment we got home (after taking public transit all the way from the airport - go us!)
Our house sitters did an amazing job - the house was super clean, and the yard was tidy.  They even managed to win over Jez (although they said it took about a month).  Jez seems happy to see us:
I was sitting on the couch, and she crawled in next to me.
We are busy trying to adjust to the weirdness of being home. It really is strange.  Not many people talk about the weirdness of coming home after a long trip (maybe because not that many take such a long trip!), but I've talked to a couple others that have experienced it.  One of these people has assured me that I'll feel pretty much back to normal after about a week.  And we are adjusting  - nothing like grocery shopping, cooking homemade meals, and laundry to make you all too aware of your normal life.  Oh, and Paul started working on his projects (deathmobile is getting really close to completion!) almost as soon as we walked in the door.

Even though we are home, the blog will continue for a little while longer.  We have a few more Ireland and Northern Ireland posts as well as some general thoughts on travel, including trains, packing, Eurail passes, and more.  After that, no more posts until our next crazy adventure (I sure hope there is one!).  Paul tells me that next time I get some insane idea, I'm limited to only one month.  I think I can agree to that.  Three months is a long time away from friends and family. 

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