Sunday, July 21, 2013

And the Floor Was Paved with Gravestones

We stayed in Haarlem for three nights, taking two day trips into Amsterdam (stay tuned for a future Amsterdam post!).

In Haarlem, we checked out a very interesting church, the Church of St. Bavo, which had an enormous organ that inspired both Handel and Mozart.  It has over 5,000 pipes.  I would have loved to hear it played, but sadly, the regular concerts were not on days we were in Haarlem:
The ceiling of the church is made of neat wooden arches:
And the floor is composed entirely of gravestones:
We stayed in a lovely little Airbnb apartment in Haarlem, located down this street:
It had a crazy lamp.  Yes, all those light bulbs work - on a dimmer switch, thankfully.  We never turned it up all the way:
Paul was amused and mildly surprised that this Haarlem store accepted bitcoins!
And finally, random legs:

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