Monday, July 22, 2013

Bikes Everywhere!

The bike culture of Germany, Belgium, and especially the Netherlands is impressive.  In Germany, I started noticing separate lanes for bikes - often with a divider between the road and the bike lane.  Much safer than Pittsburgh, that's for sure.

As we continued northward, I noticed the emphasis on bikes more and more - parking lots of bikes, bikes chained to every available surface, and more.  Brugge had parking for bikes near a music event.  There was no parking for cars anywhere in sight.
But the Netherlands truly had bikes everywhere:
There are sidewalks for walkers separate from bike paths for bikes (and scooters apparently) separate from the road for cars - pretty impressive!
Many bikes have saddlebags since people use them to do their shopping:
And there are some truly huge parking lots for bikes:
This huge 2.5-level structure is a bike parking lot in Amsterdam near the train station.
Here's a close up of one end of the parking lot:
Bikes are also modified to transport multiple children (and apparently cost several thousand dollars):

It was also common for one person to be peddling a bike while another was sitting side-saddle on the back, although I didn't manage to get a photo of that.

I also loved this parking garage for bikes in Haarlem:
So take note, Pittsburgh, you may be bike friendly, but you've got nothing on these countries.  


  1. I'd love to see this type of biking lifestyle in DC, too. But....I don't have much hope for it during the months of July and August. Too hot and muggy. Recently, I haven't even been doing my walk to work. Stupid east coast summer. :(

    1. Yeah, it can get too hot and muggy to bike, but a better setup for when the weather cooperates would be nice!