Wednesday, June 5, 2013


This post is for my grandpa, who was stationed in Viareggio during WWII.  He had told me about Viareggio before we left for our trip, but it wasn't really on our itinerary.  Then, I called him from Italy using Google Voice, and he said we should go there.  So we did.

Our main goal for Viareggio was to try to find things that were there when my grandpa was.  We found a church that had a plaque indicating that it was built long before then:
And this shop/restaurant along a road near the beach:
This pier may have been around as well:
It says "Viareggio in te son nato in te spero morire"
Other than that, we mainly checked out the beach.  I don't know what it was like when my grandpa was there, but Viareggio is definitely a resort town now.  The huge beach is lined with reserved areas to which the many hotels have staked their claims:
And finally, a leisurely walk on the beach:

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