Thursday, June 13, 2013

CSI Barcelona: The Funicular

Paul and I laughed repeatedly at a sign that I declared indicated "no cowboying."  Sadly, I have no photo of this one, but it was in the subways to indicate that you should not to walk through when the doors where closing.  Maybe we'll see it again, and I'll get it picture.

As a result, we started paying more attention to the signs we see.  Thus, I have decided we need a series of blog posts called CSI: Creative Sign Interpretation.  Here are several from the funicular that takes one up Montjuic in Barcelona:
CSI: "Do not pretend to be Link leaping from pot to pot."
CSI:  Well, since the first sign had a slash over it to indicate "no," this one clearly means "Please practice your balance by standing on the very edge of the platform on one foot."
CSI for the one on the left: "When the alarm sounds, do not run from the funicular."  or "Do not run screaming from the funicular."
CSI for the one of the right: "While it may hurt, please feel free to stick your arms and baggage in the way of the closing doors."

We welcome other interpretations!  Please leave them in the comments.

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  1. We need a few of those "No Cowboying" signs here in DC! The polite announcements saying, "Metro doors aren't like elevator doors, and will not open, etc. etc. etc." don't seem to be very effective. But I do like how they end with "We're concerned for your safety, and want to see you again," which has always seemed to imply some sort of mortal danger or death threat to me. :)