Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carcassonne by the Numbers

This post is for our nephew, a lover of numbers and the game Carcassonne.

There are two parts to Carcassonne - the really cool old walled city and the modern city.  Our hotel was in the modern city and as we made our way to the walled city of Carcassone for the first time, we realized that great things were in store.  This guy was clearly giving the city +10 points.
And he was right, it's definitely neat!  Paul pointed out that it's an interesting situation - no one actually lives there, it's just for tourists.  I thought it felt like a Renaissance fair.
We also saw this cute train that we think a certain Mr. F. might like. +5 points!
After wandering around for a while, we came upon a church and had a look inside.  It contained many beautiful stained glass windows. +5 points
While we were wandering around the church, three men began singing a song somewhere between a hymn and chanting.  I am sure they would have sounded lovely on their own, but the sound of their voices amplified by the hollow space of the church was breath-taking.  +10 points!

We also saw a gentlemen using a remote control tractor!  +3 points
Having not had enough sugar, we gorged ourselves on nutella banana crepes, orange juice, and a delicious cappuccino.  +3 points
Then, Kate got in trouble and this very serious guard told her to behave. -20 points
But then a nice couple from Calgary, Canada, bought our dinner after a wonderful conversation about Canada, the Rockies, and not to buy into that tourist nonsense by purchasing bear bells - you just sound like "dinner's coming!"   +10 points!

What is the total number of points for the city of Carcassonne?

Playing Carcassonne in Carcassonne!

Then we thought that even better than awarding points to all the cool things about Carcassonne was to play an actual game of Carassonne - IN Carcassonne.  Can you figure out who won?

Paul claimed this finished road that went all the way around the city (12 tiles):
Kate claimed the city of Carcassonne (4 tiles):
Paul claimed the farmland outside the city that touched two cities:
And finally, Kate claimed a smaller, 1 tile city (okay okay, it was part of the larger city, but for the sake of this game, we are considering it separate):


  1. Paul, there is clearly a road dividing that meadow. You only get one of those cities...

  2. :D post is loved by all. Nephew thinks there's a pennant in the city, so Kate should get 12, and agrees with Jason leaving Paul the winner with 15.

  3. We are glad to hear the post is so popular! We had a lot of fun scheming up our Carcassonne game.

  4. Did Kate get in trouble for breaking the guard's wrist--in TWO PLACES?

    I love that Paul actually laid his farmer piece down in the field to claim it, but I think I'm more impressed that Liz was not concerned about ticks.

    1. We heard about Liz's concerns about ticks today. Or was that yesterday? I'm surprised she didn't comment on it in this post, too. Also, you are a popular topic of conversation. Hope your ears are burning. :)