Thursday, June 6, 2013

Popping Over to Pisa

While we were on the train to Viareggio, we realized that it continued on to Pisa and that Pisa is just a short hop away.  So, for our first act of spontaneity on this trip, we decided to just pop over to Pisa and see the famous leaning tower after our stop in Viareggio:
And because we thought the niece and nephews might get a kick out of it (and because everyone else was doing it, and hey, peer pressure!), here I am, holding up the tower:
Paul also liked the Triforce pattern above some of the arches - this goes out to all you Zelda fans (you know who you are... Ryan...):
This is our last blog post of Italy.  It was sad to see Italy go, not least of which for the fact that I understand Italian quite a bit better than French.  If you're curious to see a nice map of the stops we made in Italy, check out our "Where are Kate and Paul?" map

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