Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Mighty Schilthorn

It took us three cable cars to get up to the peak of the Schilthorn, and my, what a view!
If you have a Google account, click here to view the full panoramic (hopefully it works!)
Paul laughs at me, but I have decided that cable cars are really not my preferred method of travel.  I wouldn't love them anyway, but I don't particularly enjoy it when the cable car rocks when it passes over support towers (about 10 seconds into the video below, although this particular car may not have rocked much).  It's also not helpful when Paul tells me how crazy it seems to him that so much of the equipment (the car, etc) is so sturdy and big, but we glide up on a wee little cable.  Thanks, husband.
Us and the mountains!
Hot chocolate in the revolving dining room:
And yet more mountains:
And finally, a video of a bird soaring on the mountain updraft:

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