Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautiful Vistas in Manarola

We spent 2.5 days in Manarola, a city in Italy's Cinque Terre.  On one of those days, we day-tripped to other locations - more on that in future posts.

In Manarola, we had a sea view room:
On our first evening, we went for a little walk.  Which turned out not to be so little after all.  Hiking in unfamiliar locations can wind up taking longer than you intend because you find yourself saying "but I'm sure there's a great view (or some other great thing) just around that bend!"  This was one of those walks.  Here's one view:
And another one - taken when we were happily bouncing back down the hill:
And another view - of the town of Manarola:
Paul also took a great panorama with his phone:
After a delicious and well-deserved dinner of pesto lasagna (seriously must make this one at home!) and lobster spaghetti, we enjoyed the view of the sea at night:
Paul also got a good shot of the town:

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