Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tired in Dublin

After getting about 1.5 hours of sleep on the plane, yesterday was a very long day. I attempted to write this post last night but gave up.

We arrived at the Dublin airport at about 5am yesterday.  Immigration was fast and customs was basically non-existent.   We caught a bus to our hostel and enjoyed the view from the second story of our ride:

Given that we were up and about long before just about all the shops opened, we did quite a bit of walking around the city.  Then, hours later, Trinity College's Old Library and Book of Kells display finally opened.  You can't take photos of the Book, but we did get a few good ones of the Old Library:
It also had a cool spiral staircase, which Paul appreciated:

We also attempted the National Museum of Archaelogy.  However, since we had a tendency to fall asleep every time we sat down, we really didn't enjoy that one as much.  It's free, though, so we may go back.

Finally, last night we found ourselves a good Irish bar, had some fish and chips and beef stew, and enjoyed a couple of beers:


  1. What the hell is Paul drinking? That's not Guinness!!!

  2. Haha, Paul is not a dark beer kind of guy. Mine wasn't Guinness either. We decided to go the authentic route and let our waiter/bartender suggest beers for us. :)