Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Communing with the Oracle

On Monday, Paul and I made the intimidating trek to Delphi.  It involved figuring out which bus station we needed, where the bus station was located (harder than it sounds), how to get to that bus station, and how to buy tickets. And also getting up ridiculously early since all the sites close at 3:00pm during the holidays, and it's a 3 hour bus ride with only a few time slots.

Luckily, we succeeded.  My boss is a huge Greek history buff and had loaned me The Oracle, and she and I both agreed that this is a must see site.  And it was - from the building housing the treasures given by the Athenians:
Where you can see writing and images carved on many of the marble stones in the walls:
To the stadium where the Pythian games were held to commemorate Apollo's defeat of the Python:
To the main attraction itself - the Temple of Apollo.  There, worshippers from all over the ancient world sought the Oracle's advice as to the will of Apollo.
And, as a bonus, the land around Delphi is beautiful!

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  1. I'm loving reading about your adventures Katie Watie!