Sunday, May 17, 2015

The End of the Cruise

Our third stop was Cozumel, Mexico. Paul and I joined the rest of his family at a morning beach break. This particular beach included a huge inflated floating play structure out in the water. Apparently Paul wiped out a few times. He tells me it was very slippery - uh huh. There were also several pools, some water slides, and free food and drinks (yay for virgin pina coladas!). It was the perfect way to spend our third and final stop.

We had one final day at sea before the cruise ended. I gave the rock climbing wall a go. While I didn't make it to the top, I made it past halfway, so I consider that a success:
My mother-in-law also gave it a go and got just as far as I did.
Paul and his sister also tried out the Flow Rider. Paul stayed up for over a minute, and then kind of had to decide to wipe out to give the next person a turn. Most people make it only a few seconds. Sometimes it's hard not to hate him a tiny bit. Then again, I didn't try it, so who knows, I might have been amazing. Ha!

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